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XD Learning is a powerful, secure XR platform with a STEM-based library of educational experiences.

Our experiences support, enhance and align to STEM curriculum for K-12 schools.

With this new technology in the classroom, students are able to visualize complex concepts and perform interactions to help them improve their engagement.

Designed to take education to the next level.

XD Learning addresses important educational challenges:

Allow students to focus on learning with zero distractions through immersive VR experiences.

Remove the physical risk associated with dangerous lab experiments.

Save money on a physical lab with cost-effective VR labs.

Increase student engagement and educational outcomes by talking to students in their own language: technology.

Remove spatial limitations and offer students multiple learning environments with portable VR labs.

Rich And Engaging Content

XD Learning Platform and Experiences bundled for $349 / headset / year.

Our current VR learning experiences cover Physics, Biology, Math, Anatomy and Chemistry, with a host of new experiences under development.

The VR learning experiences are designed and developed in close collaboration with teachers/professors who are experts in the subject matter.





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Xennial Digital offers training and support for teachers that are implementing VR in their schools

Supported Hardware

  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Quest (coming soon)
  • Oculus GO (for multi-user only)

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